"Learning to create space for ourselves to transition into a connected, evolved being."

Our Services

We bring programs, classes, and seminars to our local nonprofits/businesses! These services all encompass a multifaceted approach designed to harmonize our Mental, Physical, and Emotional Health. Managing stress & learning to self regulate are necessary skillsets for curbing burnout, overwhelm, reoccurring illness, and anxiety. We have a responsibility to our staff & communities to help set individuals up for success, and we are here to help you do just that!!

Self & Emotional Regulation Programs

We offer comprehensive emotional and self-regulation programs to community businesses, nonprofits, and individuals. Through the integration of powerful tools such as breathwork, meditation, and more, we aim to provide a holistic approach to enhancing emotional well-being and fostering self-regulation skills in the workplace.

Self-help Seminars

We offer a couple different seminars as shorter options to access our tools! Workplaces, small or large groups, nonprofits, or schools would be ideal for the current seminars we hold. For questions & booking, please contact Malerie!

1:1 Coaching | Becoming A Better You.

Welcome to my wellness coaching intro! I am a successful female entrepreneur who has personally triumphed over addiction, loss/greif, and trauma, transforming my life into a better version through discipline, effort, and self-growth. My mission is to empower individuals by sharing my journey and showing them that they possess the power to create positive change in their own lives through dedication, knowledge, and the belief in their own potential. Together, let's unlock your inner strength and embrace the limitless possibilities of personal transformation.

Mobile Meditations

Our mobile meditation services cater specifically to businesses, offering a convenient and effective solution for enhancing wellness, reducing stress, and fostering a positive work environment. We have curated a collection of specialized meditations designed to alleviate stress, improve focus, and promote mental clarity. Our experienced instructors will guide your team through mindfulness practices that can be easily incorporated into their daily routines, whether it's a quick session during lunch breaks or a longer session to start the day with centeredness and intention.

AI & Mental Health Sessions

As an internal wellness coach, we can use AI as a Mental Health tool. As new as AI is, this follows suit, and is open to new clients looking to deepen their healing experience through another plane of perspectives. 

Herbs | Vitamins | Supplements 101

After spending the last couple of years educating myself (and continuing to dive into more knowledge continuously) on what our body is lacking & what we are just simply not recieving from food. I understand that we all, as a collective, suffer from this abundantly lacking knnowledge regarding our own bodies... so I want to share as much info as I can with you guys! I am not a doctor and i always advise further research before implementing anything new! Stay tuned for new herbs and vitamins each month!!

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