THANK YOU to all who joined the March 2024 Trigger Seminar!

We will release Fall & Winter Seminar Dates SOON!! :D

Triggers: Emotional Regulation & Sustainability

3.5 Hour Seminar

We have bundled our emotional regulation tools with physiological knowledge to help participants understand their emotional responses. This seminar allows us to become familiar with our triggers & our responses, provides us with the understanding of our nervous system, and enlightens the awareness to embrace and implement the biohacking & coping tools given throughout the seminar. 

This seminar is available live in person, or live virtually.

Self Regulation & Stress Management

2 Hour Seminar

We need to lighten the pressure a bit. Each person is required to balance their relationship with their partner, their children, their family, their friends, a career, a household, and SO much more. Work has become such a demand on top of dealing with an abundant amount of stress coming from all other angles, and our body/mind just simply aren't built for it. Most of us don't realize the impact of everything that we are carrying on our health.  

This seminar is designed to teach individuals what stress looks like in our bodies, what we're doing to make it worse, and how to counteract & manage our stress levels through self-regulation.

This seminar is available live in person, or live virtually.