Total Transitions Yoga pioneers the use of AI art to cultivate inner peace and support mental well-being in a unique and engaging manner. By combining AI-generated art with guided meditation, individuals can access personalized and immersive experiences that promote emotional well-being.


Total Transitions Yoga utilizes AI art as a powerful tool for trauma recovery and the creation of safe spaces within themselves. It may not always be easy to visualize things like hope & courage, when our experiences thus far may be contrary. By leveraging AI-generated art, individuals are provided with a unique means of exploring their emotions, facilitating healing, and fostering a sense of safety and empowerment in their transformative journeys. 

AI & Your New Story

Total Transitions Yoga embraces the use of AI art to assist individuals in crafting a new narrative for themselves. By engaging with AI-generated art, individuals can visually explore and reimagine their identity, experiences, and aspirations, encouraging them to shape and manifest a new and empowering story for their lives.


Total Transitions Yoga integrates AI art into their sessions to amplify the practice of manifestation and harness the principles of the law of attraction. By engaging with AI-generated art, individuals are able to enhance their visualization abilities, align their energy with their desires, and attract positive experiences and outcomes into their lives.